Facts And Tips About The IELTS Four Sections

Preparation for IELTS test may require a lot of things, such as the use of the right study materials and the help of a competent and reliable tutor. It is imperative that students give all the four sections of the examination the right amount of time they need during the preparation process. The four different sections are the writing, speaking, reading, and listening. Candidates should be able to do well on all of these sections to have a high band score.

The writing section has task 1 and task 2, which should be completed within 60 minutes. Task 1 will provide you with a graphic or pictorial information. You will then be asked to write about it in not less than 150 words within 20 minutes. Task 2, on the other hand, provides a written argument. You will be given 40 minutes to provide an answer of not less than 250 words. It is imperative that you don’t provide an answer that’s less than the word count required. However, also make sure that you do not write too much, that you stick to the topic, and you maintain the quality of your work. Brainstorm your ideas and plan your answer. It can be beneficial for you if you utilize a variety of sentence structure.

For the speaking section, you need to prepare yourself for a one-to-one interaction with the examiner. There are three parts, and you will be asked to use different speaking skills for 11 to 14 minutes. This section is considered by the many to be one of the hardest. However, there are effective ways to increase your chance in having a high band score. If you are having difficulties speaking English, then try to determine why. Identify your weak areas and strengthen them. Make sure that you practice every day to improve your fluency.


Do not settle for a simple yes or no answer. Bear in mind that this section will measure your ability to communicate using the language, and thus, you need to demonstrate your skills. Elaborate your answers and make sure that you stick to the topic. It is also important that you establish eye contact while talking.

The reading section will provide you with three to four reading passages and you need to complete this within 60 minutes. As you go on with the test, it becomes more and more difficult. You will be given 40 questions. One of the best ways to deal with this section is to use the scanning and skimming techniques. The listening section, on the other hand, will give you with four parts and 40 questions. Make sure that you try to predict what the topic and questions will be while listening. Be aware of the paraphrasing and always get the right spelling and grammar.

Try to determine which of the four sections is difficult for you, and do some measures to overcome your weaknesses. It is best that you seek help from a reliable tutor in Singapore to support and help you have an efficient and easy learning experience and achieve your test goals. By getting an IELTS teacher, you will gain access to free books, exercises, practice test materials, and study tips.


PSLE English Tuition For Success

A PSLE English tuition is necessary to get a great English teacher and prepare for the exam. you need to learn about the test format, skills you should develop, and techniques to use. If you work really hard during the test preparation, it is not impossible that you will achieve your test goals. One of the best ways to properly prepare for the exam is to simply enroll in a private tuition. Many of the best tutors are equipped with the knowledge, skills, study materials, and teaching experiences needed to help you succeed during the test.

There are skills you need to develop to prepare for the exam. These skills are the reading, study, reflective, thinking, and communication skills. You can improve your reading and study skills by collecting and organizing ideas while making notes. For the reflective skills, you need to construct plans and address the tasks. Make sure that you utilize the guidelines and criteria to assess work in progress. Through developing your reflective skills, you will be able to control impulsivity and mood changes, which is essential during test preparation.

Developing your thinking skills is also important. You need to learn how to analyze the demands of various high-order thinking questions. Of course, you should also improve your communication skills and you can do this by learning how to listen, speak, and write with the use of the English language.

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The next step is to master the test format. You will be assessed according to various components or papers namely the situational writing, continuous writing, language use and comprehension, and oral communication. For the situation writing, you need to satisfy the demands required for a given situation. The continuous writing, on the other hand, requires you to write a composition of a minimum of 150 words. For the language use and comprehension, you will be graded according to your correct usage of the language and how you understand textual and graphic information.

The listening section will give you 20 multiple-choice questions, and they will measure your ability to comprehend the spoken English. You will be given a text in the form of announcements, instructions, advertisements, conversations, news items, speeches, telephone conversations, and stories. For the first four items, you will be given graphic options. The oral communication will measure your ability to articulate and pronounce every English word correctly and clearly. Your ability to read in a fluent manner and with appropriate rhythm and expression is also measured. During the picture discussion, you will be evaluated according to how you interpret the situation in the photo with the use of appropriate vocabulary and correct grammar. For the conversation, you will be required to engage in a conversation and discuss a given topic.

Use the proven techniques provided by experts in responding to the items in the exam. Use the free lessons, study methods, and resources available online especially the practice tests. As long as you work hard while getting yourself ready for the test, you will have a greater chnce in passing the exam.